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Discover the true purpose of life: To Awaken. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the revolutionary approach to yoga science brought by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the best-selling spiritual classic, “Autobiography of a Yogi” and subject of the recent film “Awake”.  Yogananda brought a practical yet devotional path for those of all faiths and backgrounds. His teachings emphasize direct … Read More

Healing Satsang, Meditation & Chanting Sun. 8/18, 3:30pm – Ananda NYC*

Healing Prayer Circle & Affirmations. We will have meditation and chanting which will be followed by a healing prayer circle. We we will use several of Yogananda’s techniques for healing at a distance and affirmations for self healing.  Learn more about healing prayers here.  


Meditation and Exercise: a Common Power Source for Self Mastery (CF)

Meditation and physical exercise may not seem to have much in common but my experiences in both have shown me that quite the opposite is true. The Great Masters past and present have all said in varying ways that deep meditation is the way to truly unite (while still in a body) with the Infinite. Well respected, science and medical … Read More

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Subway Practice

Walking through the open doors and seeing no seats available I stand, soon surrounded by 30 complete strangers. Yes, there really are 30 people within a six foot radius, I counted. Then the familiar “Stand clear of the closing doors please – bing bong” and the subway continues its rush hour journey into Manhattan. What to do for the next … Read More

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India Pilgrimage to Places of Yogananda

A few short years ago, if you told me I would make a priority of going on a pilgrimage to India I would have laughed. But reading Autobiography of a Yogi changed everything for me. What follows is a description of the first AOY stop on pilgrimage. We arrived to the hotel in the early evening – the sun having … Read More