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Episode 1 - Narayani Anaya

May 5, 2020

Anyone who has ever felt inspired to follow a spiritual path knows the value of attuning to the inner-self and divine will. In this episode, Narayani Anaya, Co-Spiritual Director of Ananda Mumbai and author of My Heart Remembers Swami Kriyananda shares her remarkable experience of serving Swami Kriyananda as personal assistant and caregiver. Narayani’s testimony elucidates attunement and how to approach it.

Narayani relates how she and a few other pioneering devotees took vows of the Nayaswami Order, one of Ananda’s key spiritual legacies to the world. Narayani sensitively brings to life her experiences with a true modern saint. Her book is recommended to any spiritual aspirant, especially anyone on the path of Self-Realization. Listening to Narayani, we begin to grasp the importance of faith and attunement in our lives.

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