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Episode 8 - Dana Lynne Andersen

June 23, 2020

According to Ananda founder Swami Kriyananda, the true purpose of art is to expand consciousness and connect to the divine. Dana Lynne Andersen’s multi-disciplinary artwork, teaching and activism show us how.

Visionary founder of Awakening Arts Network and Awakening Arts Academy in Assisi, Italy and online, Dana has been called a “Vesuvius of Creativity” by Robert McDermott, president emeritus of California Institute of Integral Studies. A self-described “Troubadour of Transformation”, Dana’s artistic oeuvre and teaching methods have reached across the globe.

In this magnetic conversation with Colleen and Rachel, Dana shares how art-making is meditation, and that by entering a receptively relaxed but active state and calling upon higher consciousness, the artist becomes a catalyst for upliftment, healing and deep transformation.