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Episode 9 - Nayaswami Nalini

June 30, 2020

Death is inevitable. It's also an intrinsic part of life. In Western cultures, however, death is considered a taboo topic, which contributes to widespread fear and difficulty in facing it. Self-Realization offers a view of death not as an end, but as a continuation, a transition to another phase of life and potentially a higher plane of existence.

In this touching interview, Nayaswami Nalini Graeber shares some of the inspiring stories of people facing their own death and the death of loved ones from her book, Transitioning in Grace. These stories not only exemplify how death can be a healing experience, drawing us closer to God, but they also offer hope that by engaging in a robust spiritual practice, we too can achieve such soul liberation when our time comes.

Nayaswami Nalini is a  founding member of Ananda Village, a lifelong meditator, and disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. Her spiritual counseling, writing, and internet station Radio Ananda provide ongoing inspiration and support to people around the globe.