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Carlotta Campara, Varsha Kini, and Mahnoush Sadat Moossavi

April 5, 2021

What do a Tai Chi champion from Iran, a published short story author from India and an Italian dancer/actor/writer/painter/sailor have in common? The Ananda Living Wisdom International Online High School!

Based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, the school's approach was developed by Swami Kriyananda in his book Education for Life and further realized by Nitai Deranja,  current co-director of the high school and of Education For Life InternationalThe students are like-minded teens from around the globe who seek to develop maturity, personal excellence, self-discovery and adventure. The curriculum balances academics and the arts with service projects and independent study, engaging body, mind, will, heart and soul. In nationwide standardized tests, the students consistently score in the top ten percentile .

Our guests, Maria Carlotta Campara (Italy), Varsha Kini (India) and Mahnoush Sadat Moossavi (Iran) are the graduating class of 2021.  Rachel has had the distinct pleasure of serving as their teacher this year. In their Performing Arts class, nine students--spanning all four grades, three continents and five time zones, led by our guests, Carlotta, Varsha and Mahnoush are creating, performing and producing a podcast, specifically, a dramatic, scripted audio series entitled, METANOIA WON'T DESTROY YA! which they'll tell you all about in their lively conversation with Rachel that will give you hope for our future!

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