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Episode 7 - Jayadev Jaerschky

June 16, 2020

In these tumultuous times, Jayadev Jaerschky shows us how to change the world by changing ourselves. By opening his heart to devotion, he completely transformed from a challenging intellectual to a warm-hearted disciple and teacher who now helps others journey through their own self-transformation.

A common misperception about spiritual people is that they are above the afflictions of ordinary folks. In an enlightening testimony, Jayadev, the director of the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Program for Ananda Europa in Assisi Italy, shares his struggles to overcome troublesome personality traits that universally plague devotees and secular people alike.

In this conversation with Colleen and Rachel, Jayadev shares his journey from atheist to disciple, eventually becoming a Kriyacharya, authorized to give the sacred initiation of Kriya Yoga. A prolific musician and author, he has produced numerous albums and penned nine books on yoga, including Kriya Yoga: A Manual to Inner Freedom.