Sunday Service

Gayatri Mantra AUM, Bhur, Bhu-vah, Swah-ha AUM, Tat Sa-vi-tur Va-re-ny-am Bhar-go De-va-sya Dhee-ma-hi Dhi-yo Yo Nah, Pra-cho-da-yat, AUM Mahamrityunjaya Mantra AUM, Tri-am-ba-kam Ya-ja-ma-he Su-gan-dhim Push-ti Var-dha-nam, Ur-va-ru-ka-me-va Bhan-dha-nan, Mrit-yor Mok-shi-ya Mam-ri-tat, Swa-ha!

Morning Sadhana

Door of my heart, Open I keep for Thee: Wilt Thou come, wilt Thou come? Just for once, come to me! Will my days fly away without seeing Thee, my Lord? Night and day, night and day, I look for Thee night and day.

How to Make Stress Work for You – Day 2

I am Om, I am Om, Om, Om, I am Om, Omnipresent, I am Om, All-pervading, I am Om, All blessed, I am Om Om, Om, come to me, Come to me, oh, come to me; O my Guru, come to me, Come to me, oh, come to me;

Dhuti Elizabeth Barrett Johnson sings ‘O Master’

O Master, may Thy joy fill our days. O Master, may Thy wisdom guide our ways. The time has come for us to see That there’s but one reality Upon the earth and high above: The truth that all was made from love. A love that calls to us to fly Above the hills, above the sky, Above the storms, … Read More

Dhuti E.Barrett Johnson sings ‘Come Gather ‘Round’

Come gather round: Let joy sing out today! Dawn now is breaking, And the mountains say: “It’s only light Can make the darkness run. Lift up your head, Greet the rising sun!” Mm-m-m greet the rising sun! Some people think To harvest happiness By weeding troubles, Easing every stress. The trouble is That troubles never end: Get rid of one, … Read More

How to Make Stress Work for You – Day 1

Life is a dream. Time, like a stream, Carries our burdens away. Never despair: Joy’s everywhere; Love can befriend you today. Free from all care, Like birds on the air, Soar above griefs and worries: Seek Joy and be gay! Often on earth Things of great worth Worldly ambitions defy. Sometimes a friend Helps us ascend Up from life’s cares … Read More