It was such a blessing to take part in the pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Ananda. Led by Nayaswami Asha and spiritual directors from Ananda centers in India, there were about forty of us pilgrims, all united in our hearts with love for God and seeking to experience the presence of Christ. At every site we visited, we would sit down, chant, and meditate. Paramhansa Yogananda also did this pilgrimage when he was alive. He said that wherever a Master passes by, the place stays forever with his vibration. So we had double the blessings, from both Jesus and Yoganandaji!

On my way to the pilgrimage, in the airport, I was listening to Swami Kriyananda’s audiobook ‘Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography‘. I remembered a passage when someone said negative things about Yogananda to his disciple Dr Lewis. Guruji intuitively knowing this had happened, crossed the city to see his beloved disciple. As soon as he entered the doctor’s office he asked: “Do you love me, Dr Lewis, the same way I love you?”. His gesture dissipated all negativity and reassured the disciple of the Master’s true unconditional love. When I read that, I thought to myself how amazing it would have been to be blessed with such a divine love! One that would make Yogananda leave everything to come meet me and give me his reassurance.

Time went by and the recollection of that passage faded from my mind. One day, when we were in Jerusalem, Asha shared how Jesus loved his disciples, the same way Guruji loves us. After Asha’s talk, we sat down in silent meditation. At a certain moment, I heard an internal voice asking me, “Will you love me, Natalia, the same way I love you?”. Suddenly I realized that the same love Master had for Dr Lewis he also has for us. I felt my heart flooded with love and gratitude. I thanked Guruji for patiently giving me so much and waiting for me to realize that he was there all the time by my side.

I wish that you open yourself to the love Master is patiently waiting to bless upon you too.

Jai Guru!


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  1. What a beautiful post, Natalia!
    Thank you for sharing this inspiration.

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